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SoCo 2023 Courses

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SoCo seminars provide an intensive and immersive learning experience, including field trips and activities outside class to engage in experiential learning, when faculty may choose to use evenings and weekends. Classes have 10-14 students.

SoCo runs from Sept 4 to Sept 22. Check out the SoCo Calendar to see how SoCo fits into your summer, and apply by April 11.

William Gilly

Discover Monterey Bay through Oceanography, Ecology, and Literature

Study spawning squid and feeding whales aboard the newly renovated research ship—Steinbeck's the Western Flyer!

Student in labcoat and gear making art materials
Curt Frank & Sara Loesch-Frank

An Exploration of Art Materials: The Intersection of Art and Science

Learn how egg yolks turn into paint you can use, from an artist and an engineer together.

L.A.'s Families Belong Together March. Luke Harold, Flickr, public domain.
Ashish Goel & Alice Siu

Artificial Intelligence and Deliberative Democracy

Can AI support and enhance the democratic process? Collaborate with Stanford's Crowdsourced Democracy Team and the Deliberative Democracy Lab to examine the possibilities and challenges. 

palace of fine arts in san francisco reflecting in the lake
Grant Parker

Classical California

How many ways do ancient Greece and Rome still show up in our lives today?

Student holds up arduino
John Pauly & Steve Clark

Dream It, Build It!

The world is filled with electronic devices! Wouldn’t it be cool to hack and build stuff? Bend electronics to your will? Cloud connect your own stuff?

William Durham

Evolution: The Unity and Diversity of Life

Why do hammerhead sharks have a strange front end? Do flying squid really fly? Why do you have a vermiform appendix? Uncover how evolutionary principles help us understand and conserve the Earth's biodiversity.

protester all in black holding a sign asking for universal basic income, especially with COVID-19
David Grusky

Guaranteed Income: A Bold Experiment to Reduce Inequality

California is pioneering experiments in universal basic income—join the journey!

decorative medieval alphabet in red
Elaine Treharne & Caroline Winterer

SoCo Humanities Research Intensive | Exclusive 1-week SoCo Seminar

Unlock the excitement and wonder of humanities research as you study and analyze objects from Mesopotamian clay tablets to materials from San Francisco's Chinatown. (Course runs from 9/16-9/22) 

A set in the outdoor Allen Elizabethan Stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Wikimedia Commons.
Rush Rehm & Linda Paulson

Learning Theater: From Audience to Critic at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

From the audience seats to backstage, immerse yourself in theater right at the heart of it.

Erik Sperling

Mining and the Green Economy

Delve into the issues, problems, and possibilities associated with sustainably obtaining the metals needed for the green revolution.  

Landels Hill Big Creek Reserve
Stuart Thompson

Natural History, Marine Biology, and Research

Zen and the art of marine biology.

Researcher in biodesign lab.
James Wall, Lyn Denend, & Ross Venook

Needs Finding in Healthcare

What does a patient in the healthcare system really need to make the experience better?

David Freyberg & David Kennedy

River and Region: The Columbia River and the Shaping of the Pacific Northwest

Explore the crucial role of the Columbia River in the past, present, and future of the Pacific Northwest.

Close up of hands using a mixing board
Adam Banks

Remix | Writing and Reading the DJ

Learn why sampling and remixing is today's unique artform—and learn to remix on a turntable.

Citlalli Del Carpio & Tom Winterbottom

Spanish Immersion | Community Stories: Ancient and Contemporary Culture, Tradition, and Work among Latinos in the Bay Area.

Learn to dream in Spanish, and work closely with the Spanish-speaking community in the Bay Area.

Painting depicting battle of Gettysburg.
Scott Sagan & Allan Weiner

The Face of Battle

Travel to DC and Montana to walk the fields of Gettysburg and Little Bighorn, and recapture what it was like to be there.

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