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Get Your Move On

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SoCo students move into fall housing assignments early, giving students a chance to settle into their room and meet their new housemates before the rush of the academic year.

This happens during Get Your Move On on Friday, September 13, 2024. (Seminars that are traveling on this date will receive alternative instructions, but all travel classes will need to empty their SoCo rooms while they are on the road, and will generally return to their academic year room.)

Friday, September 13, you must pick up your fall housing assignment key at your assigned front desk between 8am-5pm. You are responsible for toting your belongings from program housing to your autumn housing--this is why we say don't bring everything with you

You must return your SoCo dorm key to the assigned Front Desk between 5:00pm-7:00pm during Get Your Move On. SoCo is hosting your dinner at the Off the Grid food trucks. When you turn in your key at the Front Desk you will receive a meal ticket to the food truck of your choice. Please keep in mind that if you do not return your key by 7:00pm you will be charged a $154 re-key fee.

Pack your belongings the Thursday before move out, so that on Friday all you have to do is move your packed belongings, return your keys, and enjoy the food trucks at the move-out picnic! 

SoCo handles the paperwork, no worries! We submit all names to Housing so that they are expecting you to move in early and have your room prepared. You will see a Housing Early Arrival Charge on your student bill early in the program, and before the bill is due, you will receive a credit from Sophomore College that covers the Housing Early Arrival Charge.

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Making it work.

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Or bring your own help.