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SoCo Photo Gallery

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Get a glimpse into some of the past SoCo courses through our photo contest winners, or find more photos on Instagram, #socoStanford and photo galleries on course pages! Check out SoCo in the News to hear from students. Want to join the SoCo community? Sign up for the interest list to get all announcements.

Photo Gallery Captions and Credits

(Expanded descriptions are in order beginning with the top left tile and ending with the bottom right tile)

  • Viruses in the News, 2021. Is it a model of a virus, or a chocolate cake?  It's the Monkeypox virus! It belongs to the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae! Photo Credit: Rosa Martinez
  • Needs Finding in Health Care, 2021. The class in Golden Gate Park. Photo Credit: Alana Mermin-Bunnell
  • Exploration of Art Materials, 2021. Students spell out SoCo with the shadow of their arms from a balcony at the Cantor Arts Museum. Photo Credit: Jessica Lee
  • French Immersion, 2021. A picnic on Roble Field after the French scavenger hunt. Credit: Linda Tong
  • Viruses in the News, 2021. Class fieldtrip to Jasper Ridge. Credit: Flora Troy
  • Life in the Zoo: Behavior, Welfare, and Enrichment,  2019. Life in the Zoo was an incredible bonding experience! Photo Credit: Anissa Foster
  • Spanish Immersion: Language and Community, 2019. Spanish Immersion student visits San Francisco's Balmy Alley murals in the Mission District. Photo Credit: Luis Govea Moreno
  • In the Age of the Anthropocene: Coupled-Human Natural Systems of Southeast Alaska, 2019. Students summit the Mount Gavan trail in Sitka, Alaska. Photo Credit: Kelly Dunn
  • Evolution, Conservation, and Education in Galápagos, 2019. Winner of the wildlife and nature category. A striated heron on the shores of an island in Galápagos.  Photo Credit: Alexander Evers
  • French Immersion: France in Evolution, 2018. French Immersion on a guided tour of the Magritte exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Students contemplate one of the works as our French-speaking guide, donning a bowler hat, leads a discussion. Photo Credit: Clementine Chou
  • Inequality and Poverty in the United States, 2018. Julia Cornacchia, Denis Lopez Sosa, Kory Gaines, and Jianna So are volunteering at Safe Harbor Shelter in South SF, one of the Samaritan House sites. This shelter houses about 90 homeless individuals and serves warm meals three times a day. In this picture, they are helping prepare dinner for the residents. 2018 SoCo Photo Credit: Nikki Apana
  • Fighting over Our Common Heritage: Public Lands in the West, 2018. SCA Tristan Wagner and students Sophie Boyd-Fliegel and Alex Li at the top of the Delicate Arch hike in Arches National Park, Utah. Photo Credit: Gaby Goldberg
  • An Exploration of Art Materials: The Intersection of Art and Science, 2018. Students making oil paintings at studio lab in Shriram. Photo Credit: Steven Cheng 
  • Evolution and Conservation in Galápagos, 2018. Margot gets up close and personal with a Galápagos sea lion! Photo Credit: Caroline Ferguson
  • Fighting over Our Common Heritage: Public Lands in the West, 2018. Hiking and having fun in Zion National Park - pretending to be "Arches" (another stop on our trip!). Photo Credit: Caroline Beckman
  • Natural History, Marine Biology, and Research, 2017. At the top of a mountain in Big Sur, admiring one of nature's greatest gifts--a breathtaking sunset that brings forth a  moment of deep thought and reflection.  Photo Credit: Clarissa Gutierrez        
  • Water and Power in the Pacific Northwest: The Columbia River, 2017. Students at the Dalles Dam ask questions about how it was constructed, why it is was constructed in the way it was, and how the river around it is shaped.  Photo Credit: Nineveh O'Connell
  • In the Age of the Anthropocene: Coupled-Human Natural Systems of Southeast Alaska, 2017. Students take part in a field research exercise on salmon habitat restoration. Photo Credit: Olivia Popp
  • A Strange Land: Edward Hopper’s Paintings of America, 2017. Analyzing Hopper's painting Intermission at SFMOMA. Photo Credit: Josh Martin Adamson
  • German Immersion: Contemporary Issues in the German-Speaking World, 2017. Apfelstrudel cooking class in Norcliffe Hall kitchen. Photo Credit: Devon Rae Burger
  • Life in the Zoo: Behavior, Welfare and Enrichment, 2017. Taken in the product realization lab when we finished our enrichment product for the meerkats in SF zoo. This wooden and acrylic structure allows meerkats to dig for their food and encourages foraging/digging behaviors. Photo Credit: Lanting Lu
  • Water and Power in the Pacific Northwest: The Columbia River, 2017. Students and faculty admire salmon while touring the fish ladder at The Dalles hydroelectric dam in Washington. Photo Credit: Sage Lagron
  • Natural History, Marine Biology, and Research, 2017. Taken at our home base, the beautiful Belden House in Monterey, California. Pictured in the photo is Professor Stuart Thompson and the Natural History, Marine Biology, and Research SoCo class of 2017. In the background is an unfinished painting done by the class reflecting what marine biology and nature means to us, and this garage room was decorated and re-purposed by us to serve as our dining room for group dinners every night. Through eating together every night and subsequent conversation, our SoCo class learned intimate details about each others' lives and aspirations, further supporting a community that takes care of its own. Photo Credit: Sreeroopa Som
  • A New Millennial Mix: The Art & Politics of the “Mixed Race Experience", 2017. At the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where we participated in a free print workshop at the Sanctuary Print exhibit. We made all these posters and got to keep them and put them up around campus. Photo Credit: Isabella Maria Badia Bellinger
  • French Immersion: Contemporary Issues in the French-Speaking World, 2017. Our class had just had a guided tour at the Cantor Arts Museum of Rodin's works, so we went to the Rodin Sculpture Garden in the Main Quad to imitate our favorite sculpture of his. Photo Credit: Madeline Sabine MacLeod
  • Spanish Immersion: Language and Community, 2017. Student's colorful hands after completing a community mural project in Redwood City, CA. Photo Credit: Logan Pearce