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Submit an SCA Application

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“The most important experience for me as an SCA was creating a sense of intellectual community and belonging among the students in my seminar.”

Steps to Apply

  1. Review the description of Being an SCA to learn about the exciting opportunity and see if you are eligible and able to commit. Graduate students, be sure to read this addendum. Questions? email
  2. Decide which course(s) to apply to. You may apply to a maximum of two courses. If selected by both faculty, you will be placed with the course you ranked first. (Some courses recruit SCAs directly and will not display in the VCASCS system as they do not accept applications, including: The Face of Battle. )
  3. All seminars require you respond to the standard questions below. Some courses may include additional questions set by the faculty. We recommend that you draft answers outside of the VCA and then copy and paste. If you have technical problems at the midnight deadline, you can email your application answers to directly. Be sure to check the VCA for seminar-specific questions!
  4. Submit a PDF of your unofficial transcript via the link provided for each course on this page, no later than the application deadline.

Application Questions

Replies are typically 1-2 solid paragraphs—300 words is more than sufficient and many strong answers will be shorter than that.

  • Statement of Purpose: Why do you want to serve in this Sophomore College Assistant position?
  • Academic Experience: Describe any experience you have had which would prepare you to serve as an academic mentor to students in this Sophomore College class. Include your background in the course topic and any teaching experience.
  • Community Leadership Experience: Describe any experiences which prepare you to act as a SoCo Resident Assistant, who is expected to develop class community, organize activities, and respond to difficulties.
  • Transportation Experience: Please discuss your experience with transportation, including whether you are familiar with navigating urban public transit (particularly in groups), with using services such as Lyft or Zipcar, whether you have a valid driver's license, and any experience you may have driving larger vehicles such as a minivan or SUV.
  • SCAs are role models to the students who participate. This means you must uphold the the substance-free community of SoCo. Should COVID conditions worsen, it may also mean you will need to guide students in COVID-safe behavior. We are committed to ensuring you have appropriate guidance and support as SoCo staff. If you have any concerns, please feel free to share them here.
  • There may be additional Seminar-Specific Questions posted in the VCASCS system—be sure to check for them.


Coterms should use the link above; master's or doctoral students need to use this link for an application webform.

Grad Students Apply Here 

Mark Your Calendar—2024 Dates

Student Staff Application Period: Applications open Wednesday, February 7 and are DUE on Wednesday, February 21 (system closes 11:59pm).  If you have technical problems at the midnight deadline, you can email your application answers to directly.

Student Staff Application Status Available: Friday, March 15. You will receive an email announcing that status has been released in the VCASCS. (Waiting to hear about coterm or RA applications? Those decisions are usually released a few days earlier.)

Student Staff Commitment Deadline: Tuesday, March 19 (system closes 11:59pm)

Faculty/SCA Orientation: April 22-26, 2024 (various times)

Spring Class Meeting (faculty to determine date, time, location): late May or early June

Arrive on Campus for SCA Training: SCA in-person training begins at 9:00am on Friday, August 30. Training runs through the weekend until students arrive. SCAs can move into program housing on Thursday, 8/29.