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Working for the SoCo Program

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In addition to SCAs who work with an individual class, SoCo hires some students to work with the program. We will generally advertise these roles in the spring quarter or late in winter quarter, and we post them on Handshake. Brief job summaries are below--when hiring opens, it will have a fully updated job description with complete details.

Summer Program Assistant 

The PA works on all tasks related to the infrastructure that makes SoCo happen, including program-wide event planning, communication and messaging, supply and inventory management, residential housing assignments, field trip coordination, tracking finances, and other programmatic needs. The position is 35-40 hours a week throughout all 14 weeks of summer, with September as the busiest time. Pay range is $20-21/hour.

Graduate Residential Associate

GRAs work full time for roughly a month, living in the residences with the students for the first two weeks of the program. GRAs provide administrative support to the SoCo program and leadership to the 30-35 student-staff who are working most closely with the students. GRAs support Sophomore College program events, including student arrival registration and check-out of program housing.  GRAs receive training from campus partners and Sophomore College staff, and participate in SCA September training. Pay is approximately $4500 for the entire time period. GRAs must be graduate students, whether coterm, doctoral, or professional.