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On a hike up to Beaver Lake on the Herring Cove Trail, students and an SCA examine spruce vegetation. Credit: Ashley Song

Program Cost and Financial Support

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Sophomore College has a $750 program fee, which may be reduced by half or waived entirely for eligible students. Stanford is committed to providing rising sophomores the opportunity to participate in Sophomore College, regardless of financial circumstances. 

SoCo Program Fee

Finances for Sophomore College work very differently than during the academic year.

Sophomore College assesses an all-inclusive program fee, which covers tuition, room and board, and transport and tickets for organized class activities, including any off-campus travel.  All courses have the same fee, whether they are on-campus courses or travel courses. SoCo costs for both on-campus and travel courses are highly subsidized by Stanford university endowments dedicated to undergraduate special opportunities.

If you have financial concerns, please be sure to contact us. Email or contact the associate director Dayo Mitchell directly.

Financial Support

Over 40% of SoCo participants typically receive support with the program fee.

Financial need will have absolutely no impact on selection of students for a seminar.

No extra application. All students will be automatically considered for financial support with the program fee unless students choose to opt out by emailing The Financial Aid Office determines, based on need, whether students may be eligible to receive a half-waiver of $375, or a full waiver covering the full $750 program fee.  

Applicants will know whether they have received a fee waiver before committing to participate. The award amount will be visible in the application system at by the time decisions are released. 

SoCo financial support is directly applied to the student account after the program fee is billed and counts only against the program fee.

Costs Not Covered by Program Fee

The student is responsible for personal expenses, including:

  • Cost of travel to campus, or to the designated meeting location for seminars originating off-campus (this cost is accounted for in academic year financial aid)
  • Books and other course materials required for the course.
  • Summer storage costs.
  • Parking permit if you choose to bring a car.
  • Phone and network activation fees, printing, and personal expenses are also student responsibilities. 
  • While all course-required group trips and meals are covered, incidentals such as optional excursions, clothing and toiletries, and souvenirs from field trips would be considered personal expenses.
  • Although the SoCo program fee covers the cost of room and board during the SoCo program dates, students would be responsible for paying any fees related to lockouts or lost keysdamages, and unauthorized guests in your room.

A limited number of courses may require costs that are not included in the program fee. If Financial Aid recommends that you receive assistance with the program fee and you are accepted to one of those courses, then we will also invite you to request financial assistance with those costs. 

If you have financial concerns, please be sure to contact us. Email or contact the associate director Dayo Mitchell directly.

Understanding Your Bill

The Program Fee

  • Once you enroll, the $750 program fee will appear on your student account. 
  • After you receive your bill, the Financial Aid Office will adjust your student account to accurately reflect any individual student financial support awarded (half-waiver: $375 or full waiver: $750). These credits will be applied to your account before the due date. If you pay the bill early, please deduct the expected credits.
  • Please email if it appears the financial support has not been applied properly.

Early Arrival Housing Fees

You will be billed for Early Arrival housing, but SoCo will provide a credit to your bill to cover it.

  • Your university bill will show charges for early arrival housing fees, typically around $250-$350--this is normal. Expect to see these sometime after August 20, on the first autumn quarter bill.
  • SoCo covers Early Arrival charges, and your account will receive a credit for the charges in September.  The credit will appear in your account as “Anticipated Aid”, or depending on the timing, may show as under "Payments".  “Anticipated Aid” is considered “paid” so please IGNORE the due date for this "paid" portion of your bill. You ARE still responsible for paying any other items on your bill by the due date.
  • Please contact us at if the “Anticipated Aid” does not appear on your official bill by September 19, and if you do not see Sophomore College listed under "Payments" either.